About Us

We are Garrett and Victoria-
Well we started vaping much like many others have, we decided to quit smoking nasty cigarettes. We quit for our health and our children. We have two beautiful children, our little princess Ollivya and our little buddy Xander. Our whole life is about making a better life for them. We love to vape and we started creating flavors here and there through our local shop, just stuff for us. After much thought and planning, we decided to make a line of our own. Victoria being a natural cook at heart and Garrett being a natural foodie at heart, we thought we would be able to come up with some fun flavors. Our pallets differ, so there should be a flavor for just about anyone.
Our goal is to make juice for vapors by vapors, so we will be making it all ourselves so every bottle will be the same. Every time you order a flavor it will taste like the last bottle you got. We only use the best ingredients, because much like you we want the best flavor possible! We are making these flavors at a high standard because we want to give you 100%.