How long does it take to get an order out?

- A:We usually get orders out same day ordered or with it 24 hours. Please note that it can take 1-3 Business days(Monday through Friday) to get an order processed and to the post office. You will receive a tracking number for your package in your email. Every order is Hand mixed Unless otherwise specified.


-A: Nerdejuice.com Does Not offer refunds.  If there is an issue with the juice received it is handled case by case and Possible a Replacement will be issued. If you order the wrong Pg/Vg or Nicotine Level and you do not contact us before we ship it, we will not replace it.


Free shipping?

-A: We offer Free shipping on orders over $50.

Priority Shipping?

-A: Priority Shipping is an extra charge to the customer. 1-3 day priority shipping is not a guarantee that you will always get your package in 1-3 days EX: From USPS FAQ Page 


Sending Mail > Send Domestic Mail > What are the Different Types of Domestic Mail Classes > Priority Mail > What is Priority Mail?

Please understand, once your package has been dropped off at the post office it is out of our control. 

Shipping during the Holiday Season?

-A: Our business operations are typically the same as normal. We are always closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas day. Please be aware that during the holiday season your packages may be delayed in the mail system. Shipping times in our experience are always slow/delayed around the holidays. If you have questions regarding your package once in the mail, please direct them to USPS and remember to have your tracking # ready.   

Local Pickup?

-A: If you are close to Joshua, Texas (MAP) and would like to pick up your order in store please select the Local pick up. If you are not and use this option we will send you a request for the shipping cost via paypal or Cancel your order and issue a full refund. Address is 115 Conveyor Dr #2 Joshua TX 76058


-A:Please contact us (www.facebook.com/nerdejuice and send us a PM or by email Info@nerdejuice.com) and let us know what allergies you have. We will let you know what has what in it and if it is safe for you to use.

Where we Sell Juice?

-A: Inside the United States. We will sell internationally but shipping is $25 USD and and if the Juice stopped by customs and seized, we will not replace(You must pay with a Credit card or your order will be canceled). We do not ship to Canada or anywhere that Ejuice is illegal. 

Fivestar points on the website?

NerdEJuice in-store and website are 2 completely different systems. We do not offer FiveStar rewards on the website or add points for what you buy on the website. Sorry for this inconvenience. 

Samples for Reviewers?

-A: We can no longer give out samples for any reason for free.

Contact us at info@nerdejuice.com or Call 1-844-GO4NERD